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XU7 Con.rod

 Peugeot XU7 engine with 100 horsepower and cylinder volume 1800cc is one of the engines assembled on Samand, Peugeot 405 & Peugeot Pars cars. The con.rod production of this kind of engine started in 2006 by applying some changes in the special line bought from Germany and by adding some necessary equipment to it by Razmyaran Co. Engineering-Designing Experts.

 Peugeot XU7 Production line equipped with machines manufactured in Germany, USA, UK and Italy has been confirmed by France Peugeot Co. experts. Peugeot XU7 Con.rod assembly with ring and piston is done in the factory and dispatched to Iran Khodro Co. as a piston &con.rod collection. The production line was established in the space of 2000m2 and has a production capacity of 1,500,000 pcs. per year.